France 24H 2018

Well done Matthew cable, Carl Dimmock, Jordan Bell, Phil Jennings, Wayne Stephens and Richard Hawksbee for winning the 24 hour Lawnmower race in Champagne-Ardenne, France. Drivers from Luxemburg, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom and France entered the 24hour challenge.

An impressive 735.75 Miles were covered  by Best western on the race track with         42 laps ahead of second place.

Well done to all who Entered.

France 24h 2019

ITeam Best Western retain their winning title of the 24 hour endurance race in France. A team of 6 drivers and 3 pit crew took the lead from the first lap and held the position for 12 hours with a 10 lap lead until they had a issues. A quick fix in the pits ensured they came back out with 3 laps ahead, but it suddenly turned into a sprint race with 2nd place closing up the gap.


Best Western finally took the chequered flag with 17.8 seconds to spare completing 875 laps. A win this year made history. Winning back to back races two consecutive years running which is a first for the event. Best Western also had fastest lap.

Drivers : Matthew Cable, Carl Dimmock, Phil Jennings, Geoff Bishop, Rich Hawksbee & Wayne Stephens

Pit Members: Wayne Exon, Rebbeca Stephens & Stuart Jennings.


Lawnmower land speed record attempt 2012

Paul ' BLONTY ' Clarke of WMLMRA attempting to break the world speed record (87.833mph) with a Allet mower on Pendine sands Wales. The rules stated that it had to cut grass which was demonstrated in front of Guinness world records. Two runs had to be taken in seperate directions to get an average speed.  Unfortunatly the record was not broken and was missed by1mph !